Kate Davis Biography

Kate shoots a Nikon D700 and D800, favorite lens being the 80-400 mm VR and 500 f4. Nikon all the way!

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Kate Davis Biography
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Kate Davis began life with a love of animals, especially reptiles, and by junior high school in 1973, she was rehabilitating injured and orphaned mammals and raptors with the Cincinnati Zoo Junior Zoologists Club. Right away, she began providing educational programs at the zoo and in the community, as well as illustrating their publications and doing taxidermy work for the Zoo Director and the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.

After locating to Missoula, Montana in 1978, Kate received a degree in Zoology from the University of Montana in 1982. She founded the non-profit educational organization Raptors of the Rockies in 1988, and keeps 16 non-releasable and falconry birds at the facility at her house on the banks of the Bitterroot River. Formal programs with these ambassador birds number more than 1400 for nearly 120,000 participants, young and old alike, with 125 schools in Montana and Idaho. Every audience member is asked to go outside and "hoot up an owl." The Teaching Team birds and their wild counterparts are the subjects and source of inspiration for her photography, drawings, paintings, etchings, welded steel sculptures, and writings for periodicals.

Kate's first book came out in 2001, aptly titled Raptor of the Rockies, and was geared toward younger audiences. For her second book Falcons of North America, she teamed up with award-winning photographers Rob Palmer and Nick Dunlop. Two years in the making, this volume is a mixture of science and stunning images.

She again collaborated with Rob and Nick for Raptors of the West- 250 pages, 430 photos, and 45 species of birds of prey from Burrowing Owls to Golden Eagles, all divided into the habitats in which they may be found. Raptors of the West won the National Outdoor Book Award for Design and Artistic Merit, and grand prize for the Montana Book Award 2011.

Her fourth book is now out, Bald Eagle Nest: A story of survival in photos, with 135 of her images of a Bald Eagle nest that fledged four young. Plans are to again team up with Rob for a book on American Kestrels with all new images, because "Everyone loves a kestrel!"

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